Application for the B.A. Minor in Audio-visual Publishing

Are you interested in studying the B.A. Minor in Audio-visual Publishing (AVP)? We are happy about that!

First of all, it is important for you to know that AVP is admission-restricted within the university. Therefore, deadlines and procedures apply for admission-restricted two-subject bachelor programs. An overview of NC values from previous years can be found here.

Audio-visual Publishing can only be selected as a minor in the two-subject bachelor’s program, but it may be combined with all core subjects of the bachelor within this framework. First-year students are only admitted for the winter semester.

Do you have further questions about the choice of study program or the application procedure? Then the team at the main Student Services of the Johannes Gutenberg University offers you various advisory services.

For all specific questions concerning the AVP program, please contact the advisory student counsellor for AVP.