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Soccer team of the school of journalism

Students win the J-Cup and organise new tournament | 24.04.2024

Soccer legends of the JS

by Tanjev Schultz

The J-Cup is the traditional soccer tournament for journalism schools and journalism degree programs in Germany. The JS won the cup in Dortmund in 2023, yay! In summer 2024, the tournament will therefore be played in Mainz, with the JS as host.

The JS Master’s students are not only fans of quality journalism, but also of quality soccer. Heel, tip, overhead kick - and a penalty-killer in goal: that’s how it works. 15 teams from all over Germany have registered for the tournament on June 29, 2024, which will be played on an artificial pitch at Mainz University Sports (JGU campus). Rumors that the “aptitude test” for the Master’s degree course in journalism will also test ball skills and running speed may be obvious, but they are unfounded. The secret of the 2023 winning team is something else: almost spiritual warm-up exercises, enjoyment of the game, team spirit and technical brilliance. Incidentally, ten years earlier, in 2013 at the tournament in Cologne, a JS team had already brought the trophy to Mainz.

German Journalism Championship 2024 (Instagram)

Mainzelmännchen with J-Cup on Mainz Cathedral Square

Photo: Stefanie Sommer | Headerphoto: @ellen_wldyr