Prof. Dr. Barbara Brandstetter
Professor of Business Journalism at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences. Former team leader for consumer finance at Welt, Welt am Sonntag, Berliner Morgenpost and Welt Online. Author of the Handbuch Verbraucherjournalismus (Handbook of Consumer Journalism).

Prof. Dr. Tanjev Schultz
Head of the Editorial Team for Newspaper and Magazine Journalism at the Department of Journalism. Former editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung for more than ten years. Author of numerous investigative books and articles.

Anita Stocker
Editor-in-chief of the magazine test. Previous positions include editor-in-chief at Focus Online, deputy department head at Capital, and business editor at Nürnberger Zeitung and Forbes Magazine.

Georg Döller
Editor at ZDF; most recently, team leader of social media and online journalism at the WISO editorial department. He also worked as an author, reporter, planner and (online) editor for the WISO editorial team. Author of advice books.

Frederik Freiherr von Castell
Research assistant at the Department of Journalism with a focus on data journalism. As a freelance journalist, he has published for HR and ARD, among others.