Learning at the Department of Journalism - for life

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, nothing is more important than standing on firm foundations and being open to new developments. That is why the Department of Journalism offers two continuing education courses in block format: The Finance Academy and the Consumer Academy.

Consumer Journalism Academy - Media reports in the everyday test

Digitalization is making our lives more complex, global markets are changing rapidly, and people are looking for advice and guidance. On the Internet, there are countless product tests, questions about nutrition and health, comparison portals for loans and much more. Not infrequently, this information is deliberately steered by companies and associations. This makes a journalism that provides expert and neutral information on consumer topics all the more valuable. That is why we have our annual Consumer Journalism Summer Academy: For two days, experienced professionals train journalists from all media genres in consumer topics—in-depth and guaranteed independent.

Financial topics - explained by journalistic professionals for journalistic practice

In editorial offices often only a few people understand anything about money and finance - although we live in a world where a stock market crash has an impact on the whole of society. That's why the Department of Journalism invites journalists to the "Financial Journalism" Academy every spring. Whether investment funds or bank balance sheets, derivatives or certificates, "green" bonds or the stock exchange supervisory authority: Experienced professionals from business and financial journalism educate volos and editors here in workshops for one week.