Global Journalism - A website for international exchange

Biographies and articles by and about reporters from around the world. Our Master students have networked with journalists from all over the world and created the platform "Global Journalism". Check it out:


The Idea
The greatest virtue of journalism - to look and not to remain silent - is in many countries of the world not infrequently a curse for journalists personally: Where media are not a self-evident pillar of democracy, they often risk personal security, earnings and sometimes their lives to report on what moves their country. This website is dedicated to them.

Aims of the website
Out of our lecture "Media in a European and Global Context" from last summer semester, a network has emerged with two goals: First, to open students' eyes to a world in which freedom of expression is a good worth standing up for. And secondly, to create contacts that make it possible to report from and about countries all over the world in one's own professional work together with the great colleagues on the ground, to compensate for one's own lack of knowledge through their expertise and knowledge, and to broaden one's view in and for the world in an informed and reflected way.

Many thanks to the responsible lecturers Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katja Schupp, Fabienne Makhoul, to the proofreaders Amy Batchelder-Mohs and Thomas J. Hrach, to the web designers Laura Biedermann and Philipp Neuweiler and of course to all students of the course and the colleagues from all over the world!