Foto von Gabi Glasstetter

Graduate Geographer Gabi Glasstetter

Research Associate
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Office hours by appointment

Quality journalism is indispensable in a seemingly increasingly complex world. But recipients also have a responsibility to classify media content.

Gabi Glasstetter joined the Department of Journalism as a research associate in April 2015. Her focus in teaching and research is on television journalism and multimedia audio-visual projects.

As a freelance writer, Gabi Glasstetter works (among others) for ZDFdigital and werwiewas medienproduktion.

Gabi Glasstetter studied economic and social geography, communication science and sociology at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. In her diploma thesis she dealt with reporting on the Third World using the example of ZDF’s “Auslandsjournal”.

After graduating with a degree in geography, Gabi Glasstetter completed a traineeship in the news department of TV Berlin. She then worked as a freelance author, primarily for various 3sat formats, producing longer documentaries and reports in addition to magazine features. As an author, she was nominated for several awards and received, among others, the journalism award “Informatik” of Saarland University in 2010 for the documentary “Die Akte CCC- Der Chaos Computer Club”. In addition, Gabi Glasstetter was a producer of the podcast “Die Kanzlerin – direct”.