Dr. Julia Lück, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Journalismusforschung

Dr. Julia Lück

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An awareness of the link between their journalistic practice and journalism research and its empirical methods: that is what I want to provide students at the Department of Journalism.

Julia Lück has been a research assistant to Prof. Dr. Tanjev Schultz at the Department of Journalism since September 2016. Her teaching and research focus on (comparative) journalism studies, political communication and international and transnational communication, as well as the public sphere and media deliberation. Julia Lück is also responsible for the areas of internationalization and Erasmus advising at the Journalism Department.

Julia Lück earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Communication Science, Economics and Political Science at the University of Mannheim. As a research assistant at the same University, she worked in the DFG project “Sustainable Media Events? Production and Discursive Impact of Global Staged Political Media Events Using the Example of Climate Change,” led by Hartmut Wessler, and wrote her dissertation on “Journalistic Narratives for Deliberative Ends: A Country Comparison of Narrative News and their Contribution to the Deliberative Quality of Mediated Debates on Climate Change”. Her work contributes to the understanding of the media debate on climate change and specifically examines the deliberative quality of journalistic narratives in news coverage.


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Finalist for the Wolfgang Donsbach Outstanding Journal Article of the Year (Paper: “Networks of Coproduction: How Journalists and Environmental NGOs Create Common Interpretations of the UN Climate Change Conferences”), 2016.

Top Faculty Paper (3rd prize) from the ICA Journalism Studies Division (Paper: “Global Multimodal News Frames of Climate Change”), 2015.

Artes-Liberales-AbsolventUM Prize (3rd prize) for outstanding Master’s theses by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Mannheim, 2012.

Award for outstanding thesis by the Foundation for Communication and Media Studies at the University of Mannheim, 2010.


2007-2012 Study scholarship of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

2003-2004 Full scholarship to finance the high school year by GIVE - Gesellschaft für Internationale Verständigung mbH

Memberships in professional associations

International Communication Association (ICA) Professional Groups: Political Communication, Journalism, Environmental Communication

The German Communication Association (DGPuK) Journalism Research, International and Intercultural Communication