Philipp Neuweiler

Philipp Neuweiler, M.A.

Research associate, “creative media lab” project
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Good journalism seeks exchange with people. It listens, looks in, forms opinions, exposes grievances and points to possibilities for a better coexistence.

Philipp Neuweiler joined the Journalism Department as a research associate in April 2019. His focus in teaching and research is on format development, explanatory film and web documentation. He is responsible for the Creative Media Lab in cooperation with the Film Studies/ Media Dramaturgy and Time-Based Media programs (Mainz University of Applied Sciences).

Philipp Neuweiler works as a designer for DOCUVISTA Filmproduktion. He also holds seminars on media theory at the Hochschule Mainz. In his free time, he plays theater at the Junge Bühne Mainz, shoots short films and directs his own live radio plays.

Philipp Neuweiler studied film studies, Audio-visual Publishing and media dramaturgy at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

He gained practical experience in digital post-production at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, at SWR Landesschau, at Badische Neuesten Nachrichten, at Campus TV Mainz and as a designer and illustrator of explainer films and webdocs.