International cooperation and study abroad

Studying abroad means gaining important new experiences. For aspiring journalists in particular, it is an opportunity to broaden their view of the world. The Department of Journalism supports its students in going abroad for a semester. Since JGU Mainz sees itself as a European and international university in its mission statement, the International Affairs Department also helps in this regard.


As part of the Department of Communication (Institut für Publizistik, IfP), students at the Department of Journalism can also apply for the available Erasmus places to study at a European university. Detailed information about the partner institutes, application requirements and modalities can be found on the IfP website.

In addition, there is of course the possibility to spend parts of the studies in Paris through the new Master in "Transnationaler Journalismus".

The Department of Journalism is partner of two exchange projects with the USA, which are closely related.
The m3+zdf project promotes and supports the exchange of lecturers and students between media subjects at universities in the Rhine-Main area with
Ball State University in Muncie (Indiana) and the University of Memphis This project was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the ZDF. The goals of the project are student and faculty exchange, joint conferences, teaching and research projects. The ZDF offers American exchange students the opportunity to complete a specialized internship in Mainz. The Consulate General supports this exchange between the partner universities.

In 2007, the Department of Journalism successfully applied to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for inclusion in the International Study and Training Partnerships Program (ISAP Program). Since then, it has received substantial funding from the DAAD for an ongoing exchange of students and faculty with the Department of Journalism at the Unverisity of Memphis. Currently, up to six students from the two programs and other media subjects can go to the University of Memphis (Tennessee, USA) for a semester abroad each year. Furthermore, appropriate measures are to be taken to promote the study stay of American students in Mainz.

The ISAP does not support individual stays abroad, but rather the exchange of student groups consisting of at least three students. Also, the stay abroad must not result in longer study times. Therefore, in order to make the best possible use of the similarities between the Memphis and Mainz curricula for a speedy study, the following grouping has proven to be expedient:

  • Students in the master’s program in journalism can complete the semester abroad in the Spring Term group (January to May). The credits earned will then be counted towards study requirements for the third and fourth semesters (in particular, the television editorial team training).
  • Students of other media and communication science programs (especially AVP, communication science [Publizistik], film studies) can complete the semester abroad in the Fall Term group (August to December). The study credits can then be credited to the winter semester.

HERE you will find all important information for an application.

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