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Group photo Luxembourg excursion 2022

A Journalistic Study Trip | 09.08.2022

Luxembourg Excursion 2022

by Tanjev Schultz

Hub of banks, nightmare of the poor, hope of Europeans - on a small area, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg brings together what may not necessarily fit together at first glance.

In 2022, the old industrial city of Esch is one of the three European Capitals of Culture and a good destination to learn more about this country, where only half of the population even holds Luxembourgish citizenship. Every day, thousands of people from Belgium, France, and Germany come to work in the prosperous neighboring country. It’s high time to hop on the train.

In July 2022, a group of German and French master’s students from the Journalism Seminar in Mainz traveled to Luxembourg: they researched, photographed, wrote, and drew in two newsrooms. They met homeless people and top politicians, explored the capital and the cultural capital, stood in front of bizarre industrial ruins and glittering skyscrapers - and along the way asked important big and small questions: Does the heart of Europe beat here? What does the seasoned Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn say about Russia’s war against Ukraine? Is Luxembourg still a haven for tax dodgers? And what are “Lëtzebuerger Kniddelen?” Answers to these and other questions can be found in our magazines „Polylux“ and „La Perspective“. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Website Luxembourg Excursion 2022 (in German)