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Group photo Leipzig Excursion 2023

A journalistic study trip | 20.11.2023

Leipzig Excursion 2023

by Sabine Kieslich

Leibzsch (as it is called in the Saxon dialect) is said to be the new Berlin. After all, it is the fastest growing city in Germany.

Its rich culture, historic architecture and its prominent role during the fall of communism in the GDR make Leipzig a center of attraction. What else characterizes Saxony’s largest city? What makes the people who live there tick?

In July 2023, 23 JS students will travel to Leipzig with many questions in their luggage. They will question Eisenbahnstraße’s reputation as the “most criminal street in Germany”, trace the spirit of the Connewitz district, immerse themselves in the cultural and gastronomic scene, reconstruct the events surrounding the solidarity demonstration for the convicted left-wing extremist Lina E., and take a look around allotment gardens, the homeless scene and caravan sites. The stories, reports and interviews that emerged from this are evidence of a keen sense for people and places. And they show: Leipzig is not only rich in impressive buildings, the city also offers space for a wide variety of characters and lifestyles.

Website Leipzig Excursion 2023 (in German)