Scroll Hoch

Our journalistic research and publications

In addition to textbooks on journalistic practice, numerous studies on journalism research are produced at the Journalistic Seminar. It is important, not least for (prospective) journalists, to analye and reflect the professional practice scientifically. In addition to application-oriented topics, we devote ourselves itself to basic research and cooperate with colleagues at the university's Department of Communication (Institut für Publizistik, IfP), among others. For example, we are involved in the long-term Mainz study on “Media Trust”, which regularly examines the attitudes and trust of the German population towards journalism.

Research topics

Other topics concern internationalization, especially the transnational organizations and networks in which journalists cooperate (as in the “Panama Papers” and other major investigations). Investigative journalism and the reporting on terrorism and political extremism are also among the focal points at the seminar.

In addition, innovations, new trends and format developments in journalism are examined, such as data journalism, multimedia formats and podcasts. The change and (lack of) diversity in newsrooms, the situation and future of journalistic newcomers are further topics.

Media ethics has always been important for reflection and research at our School of Journalism. Case studies are produced here as well as fundamental theoretical work.