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Journalism for the European Idea - the German-French Master of Transnational Journalism

With our transnational master’s program, we overcome transcend borders – geographically and journalistically. Together with the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris and the Franco-German University (DFH), students are prepared for professional practice in a Europe that is growing together. The participants study the first year in Paris, the second in Mainz. The courses are offered in German, French and English, and the journalistic and academic perspective is transnational rather than national. The program is open to applicants from all fields of study with very good language skills.

Modules Teaching Programme

How the degree programme is structured

The content of the first module consists of fundamentals and current trends of press journalism of agencies, newspapers, magazines and journals in France and Germany. You will learn to research, write and edit the basic journalistic forms of presentation in French and German, gain comparative insights into the practice of journalism in France and Germany and be taught journalistic quality criteria as well as the ability to deal with questions of media ethics. The most relevant strategies and techniques of press journalism of magazines and journals, including researching and writing the specific forms of presentation, are practiced and journalistic text contributions are produced in both languages. The examination of theoretical and practical aspects of the work of foreign correspondents is also part of the module.


Application information

Students interested in the German-French Master's programme "Transnational Journalism" have the opportunity to apply for admission to the Master's programme for the winter semester 2024/25 via the homepage of the University of Mainz (online application) from the beginning of April 2024. The programme can only be taken up in the winter semester, and a total of 12 places are available: six places at the Department of Journalism, six places at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle. Interested students can apply - regardless of their origin - at both universities. The application phase ends on 15 May 2024.

After completing the online application, the application form for Mainz must be printed out together with a list of the documents to be enclosed. The application form and the enclosed documents must then be sent to the university. Please send your application to the Student Secretariat of the Johannes Gutenberg University, 55099 Mainz.

Starting in the winter semester 2024/25, ALL 12 students of the Master Transnational Journalism will start together at the partner university Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 and transfer to the Journalism Department in Mainz after the first academic year (winter semester 2025/26).

Further information on deadlines and application procedures for the start of studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris can be found here.

Aptitude test

Partner university

All information about the German-French Master's program "Transnational Journalism" at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle can be found here. The program is managed at the Sorbonne by the program officers Dr. Valérie Robert.

Course of studies

This is a small program of excellence with a total of 12 places: Six in Mainz, six in Paris. Participants spend one year at their home university (university of admission) and one year at the partner university. During their studies, all students go through the same modules, which are distributed between the two universities. A modular overview of the study contents can be found here.

The teaching staff in Mainz and Paris consists of lecturers and scholars from various disciplines (e.g. history, German studies, information and communication sciences, European studies, cultural studies) and experts (German and French journalists from various media). The students are thus trained theoretically as well as practically and undergo an intercultural, interdisciplinary and transnational study in Mainz and Paris.


During the second year of study abroad at the partner university, students receive financial support (mobility grants) from the DFH. Also available is an ERASMUS grant, which is paid out at the beginning of the year abroad and is also intended to provide financial support to students in the partner country. For further information, please contact the study office of the Franco-German Master's in Transnational Journalism in Mainz after you have obtained your place and started your studies.


Graduates receive a double German-French diploma, which is issued according to the Cotutelle procedure (a French diploma, a German diploma and a diploma from the DFA).


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