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Core competences for the working world of today and tomorrow - the Bachelor's Minor in Audiovisual Media

The Bachelor’s Minor in Audiovisual Media combines the expertise of the major subject with the media-specific knowledge of audio-visual design. Whether they are publicists or political scientists, history or film scholars, students learn in six semesters how to use contemporary audiovisual media to present complex topics in an attractive way for a broad audience. Fundamental journalistic knowledge lies also at the core here. Due to high demand, the degree programme is currently accepting 32 first-year students each year instead of the previous 16.

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You will produce reportages, podcasts, social media formats and much more in the Bachelor's Minor in Audiovisual Media. A core element of this is the collaboration in various teaching editorial teams, whose productions you can watch via the links on this website.

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How the degree programme is structured

The first two semesters form the foundation of your degree programme, as you will acquire theoretical, methodological and practical basic knowledge. In the further course of your studies, you will deepen your academic and analytical skills in seminars on various topics. From the third to the sixth semester, practical journalistic work in CampusMedia editorial teams forms the core of your degree programme: here you will create audiovisual media productions under editorial guidelines, in various functions and with different specialisations.


Application information

Are you interested in studying the B.A. Minor in Audiovisual Media? We are happy about that!

First of all, it is important for you to know that Audiovisual Media is admission-restricted within the university. Therefore, deadlines and procedures apply for admission-restricted two-subject bachelor programmes. An overview of NC values from previous years can be found here. Audio-visual Media can only be selected as a Minor in the two-subject bachelor’s programme, but it may be combined with all core subjects of the bachelor within this framework. First-year students are only admitted for the winter semester.

Do you have further questions about the choice of study programme or the application procedure? Then the team at the main Student Services of the Johannes Gutenberg University offers you various advisory services.

For all specific questions concerning the degree programme, please contact the advisory student counsellor for AVP.


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