“Let me do it and I will be able to”

Practical media work is essential for journalistic training, and this is only possible with up-to-date media technology.

That is why the Department of Journalism has editorial offices with state-of-the-art equipment, radio studios and video editing suites in the Domus Universitatis. In addition, students can borrow various mobile recorders, cameras and notebooks for their projects. For example, all students receive a small portable audio recorder for the duration of their radio training.


In the two digital self-operating studios, students can produce their own contributions and broadcasts with several presenters and/or guests under professional conditions and “drive”—i.e. control—the entire broadcast themselves. Two additional production and recording studios are available in-house for smaller projects. The students work there with the industry standards DigAS (database and audio editing) and mAirList (broadcast sequence control).


Frau in einem Radiostudio liest Text in ein Mikrofon.

Cameras and video editing

The Department of Journalism provides students with professional Panasonic HD or UHD camcorders, as well as numerous sound and lighting accessories. Thus, students can choose from a wide selection of microphones, external audio recorders and lights. Editing is done at three stationary editing suites using the latest Avid Media Composer. In addition, students can borrow mobile HP workstations for editing on the road and at home, depending on their area of study.

Television studio

In cooperation with the Zentrum für Audiovisuelle Produktion and the OK:TV Mainz the Department of Journalism gives students the opportunity to carry out studio productions such as magazine or talk shows under real conditions. For this purpose, a fully equipped television studio with four camera units is available at the Medienhaus location in Wallstraße.

Smaller television programs can also be produced from the Domus Universitatis and broadcast live to OK:TV Mainz.

Blick in das Fernsehstudio